QubeChain in the media

QubeChain in the media

In response to an article about the Blockchain Movement on the news aggregator site MEDIUM.com (link to the ARTICLE DECENTRALIZATION DISRUPTS SUCK) , managing director Ben Caswell explains the QubeChain ethos and how it has informed marketplace strategies:

DLT fundamentally changes the way Value is Exchanged. Love the way you position this as a MOVEMENT. At QubeChain, we are a band of Merry Innovators who are building APPLIED USES across multiple verticals. What I love is how subversive the technology is. While you exactly identify what the end game is, here at the outset we are selling ways we can “ease actual pain points” in business IT systems.

While we are indeed making systems smarter, the strategy has been to insert blockchain enhancements into traditional constructs. So our PAYMENTS division is working within existing payments processing models with card associations and FIs and using DLT ONLY where and when it makes sense. These “half steps,” as you call them, are the only way we will disintermediate the Old Guard systems.

Managing Director Ben Caswell

In healthcare, QubeChain partnered with one of the 15 or so old guard software vendors approved by the Feds in order to blockchain-enhance the expensive and underutilized Personal Health Record transfer service. Believe me, Uncle Sam was not going to entrust upgrading arcane systems to a blockchain tech start-up: Trojan Horse indeed…Beta testing now at VA hospitals prior to an official launch next month pre-HIMSS. Subversive. Our QubeVault dApp allows every citizen to have portable and secure access to comprehensive health records.

Thank you for cogent insights, Brett — let’s gather soon. Our Founder & CEO C Rees Morgan II has ridden the technology wave before in pre-IPO days with Bill Gates at Microsoft; however, what you have pinpointed here is the thing that keeps us awake: we are up to something here, uber-directed in finding other inmates to give keys to…. Accountability, Transparency, Security, Trust,…. Guiding Principles for a new way of exchanging value on the planet.

QubeChain will save millions with our Medical Workflow Treatments because getting treatment protocols to huge swaths of people who need them to heal from chronic diseases is now possible because of DLT.

Please visit wwwQubeChain.com and join the movement!!! QubeChain is also the crypto design team for various crypto currency projects: https://qubechain.com/token-generation-events/

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