Blockchain serving the Water Supply Industry

Blockchain serving the Water Supply Industry

QubeChain, LLC. & WaterChain, Inc. – Improving The Quality of Water Worldwide

At the Sustainability Innovation Center in downtown Los Angeles last week, QubeChain Founder/CEO Rees Morgan described in detail to a delegation of ecological thought leaders how blockchain could serve the WATER SUPPLY INDUSTRY.

Waterchain CEO David Metzler has selected QubeChain as the blockchain services provider for the initiative: an enterprise-grade production-ready blockchain consortium whose membership will be comprised of water utility companies nationwide. The project is slated for a Q1 2019 launch.

QubeChain Board Chairman Dr. Joe Story — whose wife is CEO of American Water, the largest water utility company in the country —joined Mr. Morgan for the all-day planning and education session.
QubeChain is fostering transformation through the Applied Use of blockchain technology and is on the forefront developing consortium blockchains for various verticals, including healthcare payments, wearable data, and digital rights management for the global music industry.

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