Executive Next Practices hosts QubeChain

Executive Next Practices hosts QubeChain

At the UCI Cove Innovation Lab, Executive Next Practice (ENP) and Qubechain L.L.C. presented a deep dive into distributed ledger technology and its uses across all business.  The 2-day Event was led by C. REES MORGAN II, Founder and CEO of Qubechain LLC.  Understanding the potential of Blockchain across all verticals moved ahead yesterday with a world class team of industry experts and professors all of whom have expertise in harnessing this new world of organizing data in a secure way.  The most startling comment was made by Robert Schwentger, the founding president of DLT Education and Blockchain University, who said that one day soon, “there will be more blockchains than there are websites today.”  We are just entering this era of significant disruption.  In the 4 trillion dollar healthcare industry, Qubechain is integrating the most private and secure identity management system to its offerings within the new blockchain economy.

The Qubechain Team is off to New York for the BLOCKCHAIN: CONSENSUS meetings next week.  It will be the largest gathering of blockchain stakeholder and experts in the world.

Go to www.qubechain.com website and register as an accredited potential investor in one of these First Mover blockchain companies.

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