QubeChain is completing development of a complete Patient Centric personal health data management system. It provides the ability for QubeChain patients to collect and manage their health data all in a secure and compliant way. Today patients have little control over their personal health records and this limits their ability to interact with healthcare providers. Even with one’s primary doctor, the availability and extent of healthcare records can become challenging after moving to different service providing locations once or twice. QubeChain’s QubeVault was released early July 2017 and will allow you to have convenient access to all of your personal health records as well as a secure means of sharing that data with your trusted care providers, including family members.

Qubechain now partners with Dispense Doc, a premier in-office physician dispensing program!

Dispense Doc is a comprehensive turn-key solution to filling prescriptions at the point of care.  There are no initial inventory requirements or minimums – Dispense Doc manages your inventory – and Dispense Doc handles all compliance, office work flow and program management.  Some

benefits include the ability to know your patients eligibility before they step foot in your office and the fact that your practice makes the revenue on the meds, not the specialty pharmacies.

The program works for specialty, brand and generic drugs and medications are pre-packaged, single NDC products, allowing for efficient, compliant & simple transactions between the practice & patients.  It’s one of the few organizations able to credential with CVS/Caremark and there are over 3,500 medications available including topicals, specialty & oral meds.

Not only is there increased patient compliance (Nationally, 30% of all scripts never get filled) but also all dispensed medications are registered with PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager)•No additional personnel or equipment needed!  Better yet, you’ll see cash flow positive day 1 – You only pay when you dispense.

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