Blockchain is changing the world and QubeChain is making sure people know about it.  We take every professional opportunity we can to spread the word about the paradigm-disrupting power of this powerful and secure solution.  Here, we’ve compiled some of our most recent and exciting news snippets about our journey.



QubeChain in DC and focused on healthcare

QubeChain LLC has been spending substantial time in D.C. throughout 2017 developing relationships with national associations and patient advocacy groups and other healthcare stakeholders to explore how BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATIONS might solve pain points for their memberships. The unique characteristics of a blockchain will transform the way value is exchanged. QubeChain is well-positioned by working within the traditional channels. QubeChain Co-Founder Ben Caswell: “QubeChain is built to foster transformation and only by listening to and collaborating with industry insiders who work within often arcane traditional systems and thus encounter real pain points that we can solve using this amazing technology. Think
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Executive Next Practices hosts QubeChain

At the UCI Cove Innovation Lab, Executive Next Practice (ENP) and Qubechain L.L.C. presented a deep dive into distributed ledger technology and its uses across all business.  The 2-day Event was led by C. REES MORGAN II, Founder and CEO of Qubechain LLC.  Understanding the potential of Blockchain across all verticals moved ahead yesterday with a world class team of industry experts and professors all of whom have expertise in harnessing this new world of organizing data in a secure way.  The most startling comment was made by Robert Schwentger, the founding president of DLT Education and Blockchain University, who
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Distributed Health Hackathon

Members of QubeChain, LLC. attended Go Distributed: Health Hackathon. At the 24 hour hackathon they built Dr. QubeChain. A mobile application that loads the patients health data into a public blockchain.
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OC Tech Happy Hour Blockchain presentation

Mr. Morgan was the key note at UCI The Cove OC Tech Happy Hour. The event was sponsored by QubeChain, LLC. Investor Brock Pierce presented on investments around digital currency and blockchain. RSVP had to be capped at 600. Over 450 attended. The largest Meetup on SoCal.
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