Payments Processing

Payments Processing

QubeChain is well-positioned in the traditional PAYMENTS PROCESSING industry to foster transformation by integrating applied blockchain innovation to the transaction process.


QUBECHAIN PAY is accelerating the Accounts Payable process for businesses nationwide. We are partnering with top card associations and financial institutions to create a world class SE platform. Our team of experts will work with the Bank and Buyer to promote Commercial Card acceptance to Suppliers.

By integrating blockchain solutions, our goal is to reduce and then eliminate check and ACH transactions through supplier education about reduced interchange costs, payment automation and secure, immutable access to remittance data.


QubeChain Pay also offers end-to-end traditional processing solutions for businesses. We understand retailers like big box stores as well as the unique needs of the healthcare marketplace, including facilities and organizations like HMOs, ACOs, IPAs, PPOs, Hospitals, ancilliary facilities, etc.

Partner with experts with years of experience and expertise, allowing you to accept not just credit card payments but also debit cards, gift cards, e-checks, mobile acceptance, e-commerce capabilities and much more.


Sometimes it is difficult to find a processing provider for your business. We provide a customized payment solution for all high-risk types of businesses. We’ll get you approved and set-up with a high-risk merchant account so you can start processing in no time. Our network of processors is able to place a wide range of high risk business types, including those industries with legal and banking regulation challenges.