Qubechain in the DOD Shark Tank

Qubechain in the DOD Shark Tank

Today in Washington DC, C. Rees Morgan II and team presented to top brass of Military Health in service to getting support for a new federal standard.  We are proposing an innovative new system for the access and movement of Patient Health Records within the Military Health System, including for Veterans but also active military.

Fifteen-year-old Texas-based  technology Partner First Genesis is one of a handful of software companies cleared to build systems for federal agencies.  By adding BLOCKCHAIN elements to the eHealth Exchange System currently being used, we are creating a new standard for providers to send and access records to the private sector.

First Genesis has built “the Gateway of Gateways” to solve for interoperability challenges.  With QubeChain adding BLOCKCHAIN underpinnings, we intend to become the new federal standard.

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