QubeChain launching Tech Mentoring Program

QubeChain launching Tech Mentoring Program

QubeChain LLC is launching a TECH MENTORING PROGRAM for high school and college students through its ThisIsNotBitcoin.com work/study pilot.

QubeChain Consulting practice lead and life-long educator LINDA CARR along with website design firm GrableGraphics CEO AARON GRABLE are designing this work/study project for high school students in Orange County, California as a PILOT for an innovative Social Entrepreneurialism approach to education that better leverages the creative curiosity of young minds.

“The old model just doesn’t work anymore.  High school kids are no longer engaged by chalkboards and textbooks.  Our program teaches them by providing real-life business opportunities.  QubeChain is the perfect partner for us,” said high school teacher Aaron Grable whose 31 students will be first participants in the PILOT by building out:

ThisIsNotBitcoin.com — a QubeChain website dedicated to the BLOCKCHAIN MOVEMENT and an information portal/aggregator for DLT PROJECTS worldwide that espouse the guiding principles of a new way to conduct business and exchange value on the Internet.

Rees and Kang on stage at the tres chic UCI COVE evangelizing blockchain in January 2017

QubeChain Healthcare practice lead and Managing Director Ben Caswell: “My first mentor TV producer Bob Banner created a mentoring program for college students that gave us insight into the plausibility of a career in entertainment media.  Fast forward 25 years and another mentor Rees Morgan is re-creating a similar program at QubeChain for those interested in a career in IT — eager to see this initiative unfold!  I know the power of a bit of exposure and encouragement!”

QubeChain Founder & CEO C Rees Morgan II and Co-Founder Kang Hsu have always demonstrated a staunch commitment to seeking out and working with first movers and innovation agents to grow the DLT Movement through organizations like the UCI Cove (whom Rees is also engaging in this endeavor).

“Matt Bailey and his very active UCI COVE – a Tech Innovation Lab – has always been a big supporter of QubeChain.  We are excited to engage them in what we are building with Aaron and his high school class.  This is the future of education and we are glad to grow the model,” said Rees recently.

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