Qubechain LLC helps Trip X target the $7.6 Trillion Global travel industry

Qubechain LLC helps Trip X target the $7.6 Trillion Global travel industry

Qubechain LLC helps Trip X target the $7.6 Trillion Global TRAVEL INDUSTRY with new fixed-price Utility Token and CRYPTO PAYMENT WIDGET for robust blockchain-based B2B payment solution.


Santa Monica, Calif., Jan. 22th, 2018 – QubeChain LLC (the “Company” or “QubeChain”), a leading blockchain technology company, is an integral part of the crypto-design team for several new utility token projects, including TRIP X, a fixed-price digital currency that enables any travel company to take payments from existing digital currency users.

Travel industry expert and Trip X CEO Michael Culhane foresees rapid adoption of this blockchain-based solution: “Real-time payment processing is now possible with cost reductions in billing, invoicing, payment, processing, collections, deposit, accounting, audit and reporting functions. By replacing manual processes with smart contracts, savings can be over 60%. In many cases, this doubles EBITDA for numerous primary suppliers and their resellers.”

Financiers Alex Pellegrino and Sasha Favelukis embraced this market opportunity last summer when assembling the Trip X Team: “TripX enables companies large and small to integrate blockchain into their existing booking platforms to massively reduce complexity and costs. We always understood that security would be key and with (QubeChain CEO and TripX CTO) Rees Morgan’s CIA/Logicon and Microsoft background, we couldn’t be more thrilled with what his team has designed and produced.”

The Trip X Widget enables businesses to instantly accept payment from any of the millions of customers currently holding over $110 billion in cryptocurrencies. The widget sends the crypto payment securely to TripX who pays the provider instantly in real-time in a Fiat Currency of choice with no commissions or fees to the business.

QubeChain CEO REES MORGAN stated, “We are providing an easy and intuitive UI to create Smart Contracts on the fly which obviates the need for a number of manual processes involved in invoicing, deposit and credit management, reconciliation, commission management, bank transfers, refunds and reporting for all parties.”
In addition, booking and payment data can now finally travel on the same rails, which lowers back office costs and allows travel agencies and businesses to enhance and simplifying reporting.

About QubeChain LLC

QubeChain LLC produces Applied Uses of BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY across all industry verticals. Founded in 2016, QubeChain has aligned with industry leaders in targeted industries (such as TRAVEL) to create product offerings that use blockchain technology to solve actual pain points. QubeChain LLC foresees imminent blockchain disruption for most if not all value-exchange delivery systems and expects rapid growth on the strength of its various resources and relationships as well as the focus of its management team. Please visit www.QubeChain.com to learn more about Qubechain’s product offerings and services.

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