QubeChain working with healthcare giants to enable patient centric care

QubeChain working with healthcare giants to enable patient centric care

On February 20, 2018 at an event dubbed 20*20 Innovation Champions, forty healthcare leaders – a physician and an administrator from each of Kaiser Permanente’s 17 Southern California campuses – gathered together at the shiny new Kaiser Innovation Lab in Tustin to explore various ways to increase patient care.

QubeChain CEO & Founder C. Rees Morgan II engaged the group first by educating them with big animal pictures about blockchain technology and how the APPLIED USE of this new layer on the Internet allows for new capacities that will foster transformation in the way healthcare is delivered and paid for.


We then led table discussions of how blockchain could be used to reduce costs and increase efficiencies in providing excellent care. Both of us were struck by how Kaiser Permanente’s innovation leaders, the most progressive executives of the most progressive of the managed care systems, did not immediately tackle us and force us to show them how to harness this amazing new technology!

They are in the midst of centralizing their call center operations such that one Kaiser number reaches someone to help instead of the current dozen or so different Kaiser numbers.

Huge progress and yet after spending a year under the hood here at QubeChain with all that we are producing – from our cryptocurrency design work and the blockchain-enhanced AP Automation software we are deploying NOW (Click Here to Inquire) and working with terrific healthcare partners to develop various dApps and tools to enable self sovereignty and truly PATIENT CENTRIC care, the engagement felt a bit like Henry Ford at a Horse-And-Buggy event.

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