Silicon-2-Blockchain Hardware


QubeChain, LLC. announces the “Qube” the most advanced platform for running secure blockchain applications. First it uses multi-stage attestations to hash numerous components.  Using its patented Self-Sovereign Identity it uses signature keys to ensure that every managed secure component is not only secure at boot up but at defined intervals.

It includes the most advance PCI controllers in that when used with NVMe SSD can eliminate IO wait states. Using a 96 channel straight into the processor producing ~6 million IOPS. Yes, 6 million. All managed using vCenter, vRops, vRA, the full vCloud Suite.  Included on the platform are Hyperledger preloaded blockchains.  Custom consensus algorithm are loaded to the needs of the client.

After going to all the conferences, learning all about blockchain, waiting for an application that brings value to your business,  then what?  What do you run it on? How do blockchains execute differently traditional database systems?  QubeChain, LLC. custom “Qube” is designed from the ground up to run blockchains.