Token Generation Events

Token Generation Events (TGEs)

QubeChain LLC has emerged as a sought-after and integral partner/expert in many current TGE projects. To successfully launch a TGE EVENT, expertise in various and often disparate areas is needed:

•vertical industry expertise
•legal expertise
•marketing expertise
•crypto-design expertise
•tax/accounting expertise

While QubeChain can produce your turnkey TGE, we also are lending core competency value as TEAM MEMBERS to several pending and pre-ICO launches.

QubeChain offers a weeklong pre-packaged consulting engagement to educate executives of the myriad choices and decisions to be undertaken in creating a new digital currency.

These TOKEN GENERATION EVENT (TGE) PLANNING sessions culminate with the creation of a Decision Factors Document and a ROAD MAP for interested companies with clear next steps for a successful launch.


Below is a sample AGENDA for the week:

On this day, after the introduction of the attendees and reviewing the expectations by the teams who are attending, we’ll review the week’s agenda, define what a “TGE” is and talk about token usage.

Finally, we’ll gather questions that the attendees would like to have answered throughout the consultation.

After reviewing some definitions (like types of coins, tokens, points, price variants and exchanges), we’ll focus on what a token is.  We’ll talk about security, utility and token types as well as the token usage cost.

There are several Blockchain options for tokens that we’ll outline, to include BitCoin, ERC 20, ERC-223, Lightcoin, Altcoin.  We’ll also discuss Launch Token vs. Trading Token

Finally, what are some components for a TGE?  We’ll go over Legal, Tax, SEC, IRS, Token Design, PR Marketing as well as pre-sale, sale launch, post sale and reporting.

We’ll review day one and focus on questions and answers from that day’s discussion and then press on to some new material, namely ICO’s – past, present and future.

We’ll talk about legal issues, tax mitigation, PR and marketing and even your road tour.

Once the market is defined, we’ll talk about token design (code) and token management (pre-sale, storage and distribution).  We’ll also talk about audit, wallet and give a wallet demo.

We’ll walk you through the sales platform, talk about the TGE team/advisors and outline project management.

We’ll talk about your whitepaper and create a draft of it and review TGE website standards.

We’ll set up a one hour conference call with an advisor and even create your TGE roadmap and “next steps” planning, as well as create your TGE component cost breakdown.

It’s important at this point that we help you update your TGE website and define your road map

Optional track (add’l two hours): Blockchain 101 – Six Components

All that’s left to do on our fifth day is make final decisions on your token type, the number of tokens, your timeline and your roadmap.