Two day cryptocurrency class: done!

Two day cryptocurrency class: done!

The class was a women focused class on Blockchain, Tokens, legalities of ICO and workshops on wallets, tokens and coding contracts in solidity.  All components of this crazy Blockchain industry/technology.  Here is an excerpt from the class promo information:  It was hosted by Robert Schwentker (

“In this two-day workshop students learn about and engage with many aspects of distributed ledger technologies including code, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and cryptoeconomics.

These aspects will be examined from the disciplines of technology & code, economics, law, and education. Learning methodologies include lecture, discussion, breakout sessions and hands-on exercises both technical and non-technical. As the underpinnings of blockchains are highly technical and require intense focus to comprehend, we encourage all students to be active learners and delve into technical aspects, including trying out simple coding exercises. Technical lab exercises will be done in groups with both technical and non-technical students working together.

We expect that this workshop will include a broad range of persons and will provide a rich networking environment. DLT Education‘s instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, have experience with corporate and entrepreneurial education, and fare from large corporations as well as from blockchain startups.”

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