7/18 Panel: Understanding Blockchain

7/18 Panel: Understanding Blockchain

People have heard about blockchain and ICOs.  Many do not know, but are eager to learn what this actually means, conceptually and for our future.

On Wednesday, July 18th from 5-8pm, we participated in a program at the Montage Beverly Hills (225 North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, CA 90210).  The program began with a primer on what blockchain technology is, how the introduction of decentralized, distributed immutable ledgers led to the rise of first decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin, in 2008 and over 4,000 alternative cryptocurrencies since then.

Next, the panel discussed how businesses of all kinds are using blockchain technology.  Finally, we learned how investors are incorporating blockchain into their investment strategies.

The program ran from 6-7pm with cocktails & Hors D’oeuvres from 7-8pm.  Featured speakers were Susie Duran from SingerLewak, Rees Morgan (co-founder of Hudson Morgan Investments), Henry Park from 3GC Group, Sam Goldberg from Lucidity and Sheri Kaiserman from Maco.ia.

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