Digital Wallets


Secure login:

No IDs and Passwords exist within QubeChain; we have a better solution which protects your identity and exceeds most security requirements.  QubeChain has developed a product called “Secure Login” which includes a multi-factor login based on self-sovereign identity & private encryption.  It currently have 8 factors from which a user can choose at least 3.  The 8 factors are:  Handle, Password, PIN, Fingerprint, NFC, Location, Time of day, and Facial Recognition.  

The client can replace their current website login button with QubeChain’s Secure Login.  When a user clicks the secure login button, a QR code is presented.  The user simply downloads a white labeled application (application displays your company’s logo) from which they log in using 3 to 7 of the factors. Once validated by the mobile phone, a secured SSL session reports back to your website that the user clicking the login button is who they say they claim to be.  After a successful login, the user is now presented with your main menu while the phone shows successful login.


PHI Healthcare Record Management:

QubeChain has developed QubeVault; a cloud hosted HIPAA compliant secure storage of all your uploaded medical records.  

QubeVault can be used to collect, store, and manage your personal healthcare records.  User can upload medical results given to them by their physician.  Users can then securely send those records to others.  A patient, while meeting with their doctor, can either show files uploaded or send in a secure way their medical records to their doctor.   

All files are encrypted with your private key. It cannot be viewed unless you provide your private key


Token Wallet:

QubeChain has developed what we believe is the most feature rich Token, Reward, & Loyalty wallet in the industry.  It can be used from a PC or Mobile (Android & iOS) device.

The wallet can be white labeled with your company’s logo.  Cost to transfer and receive tokens are minimal since the back end is not a public blockchain such as Bitcoin or Ethereum which could cost $3 to $15 per transaction.

New coins are easy to create and distribute.



We have integrated a locator service based on your current location for use from within your wallet.  This allows, for example, Medical Patients to find doctors that accepts their medical insurance plans.


Token Points:

Token or Reward Points can be used for anything you wish. You can value your token and/or can trade your token with others if provided an exchange rate by the token issuer.  Transfers are instantaneous.